Waste Disposal User Fees

All RDCK Landfills and Transfer Stations have resumed normal operations and are accepting payment and all regularly accepted materials.

The Reuse Sheds remain closed at all facilities.

For more information please visit FAQS:  COVID-19 and RDCK Waste Facilities


New User Fees effective January 1, 2020

Effective January 1, 2020 waste disposal user fees for Mixed Waste, Wood Waste, Asbestos and several other waste streams will increase.  Annual inflation combined with increased costs for site operations and contracted services are the primary factors driving these increases.  

The RDCK is committed to operating “user pay” facilities, which means that the fees collected at transfer stations and landfills should cover 100% of costs to run those facilities. At present, however these funds are not fully meeting operating costs and the shortfall is therefore made up through taxation. 

Additional revenues are also required to fund future projects designed to extend landfill lifespans. For example, a regional organics management program will decrease landfilling volumes and create a re-useable compost; this can add years of operating life to a landfill. In the long term, diversion programs such as this are a simpler and less expensive option than trying to find a suitable site for a new landfill. 

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