Environmental Services

The RDCK provides a number of services through its Environmental Services Department. Please choose from the links below to to find more information on the specific service or program, or scroll down for more information about how to reach us:

  • Resource Recovery (waste disposal and recycling)
  • Water Services (RDCK owned water systems)
  • Environmental Initiatives:
    • Invasive Plants (Noxious Weeds) - Preventing the spread of invasive species
    • Environmental Education - Support for the Wildsight Beyond Recycling program
    • Mosquito control program - Controlling nuisance mosquito populations
    • Wildsafe - Support to the BC Conservation Foundation to facilitate the WildSafe (Bear Aware) program
    • Woodstove Exchange Program - Incentive to replace old, inefficient woodstoves with new, cleaner-burning heating appliances

How To Reach Us

24 Hour - Water Emergency
(Balfour, Burton, Denver Siding, Duhamel Creek, Edgewood, Fauquier, Grandview Properties, Lucas Road, Riondel, Rosebery Highlands, South Slocan, West Robson, Woodbury Village, Woodland Heights, Ymir)
Phone: (250) 352-1504
Line breaks, major leaks and water outages.

24 Hour - Water Emergency
(Erickson, Lister, Sanca Park)
Phone: (250) 254-1685
Line breaks, major leaks and water outages.

Nelson Office
Box 590, 202 Lakeside Drive
Nelson, BC V1L 5R4
Toll-Free: 1-800-268-RDCK (7325)
Fax: (250) 352-9300

Environmental Services Utility Services

Resource Recovery

Uli Wolf
General Manager of Environmental Services
Email: uwolf@rdck.bc.ca
Jason McDiarmid
Utility Services Manager
Email: jmcdiarmid@rdck.bc.ca

Amy Wilson, B.Sc., AScT 
Resource Recovery Manager

Email: awilson@rdck.bc.ca

AJ Evenson

Senior Project Manager

Email: AEvenson@rdck.bc.ca 

Steve Ethier
Water Operations Manager
Email:  sethier@rdck.bc.ca 

Megan Deas

Resource Recovery Operations Supervisor

Email:  mdeas@rdck.bc.ca 

Shari Imada

Project Manager

Email:  simada@rdck.bc.ca


Tanji Zumpano

Water Services Liaison

Email:  tzumpano@rdck.bc.ca

Alayne Hamilton

HB/Environmental Technologist

Email:  ahamilton@rdck.bc.ca


Allan Richardson

Lead Utility Technician

Email: arichardson@rdck.bc.ca

Todd Johnston
Environmental Technologist
Email:  tjohnston@rdck.bc.ca 

Dave Sharun

Utility Technician

Email:  dsharun@rdck.bc.ca

Travis Barrington

Resource Recovery Technician

Email: tbarrington@rdck.bc.ca


Jay Colley

Utility Technician

Email:  jcolley@rdck.bc.ca

Shanna Eckman

Administration Coordinator

Email: seckman@rdck.bc.ca


Rachel George

Administrative Assistant

Email: rgeorge@rdck.bc.ca

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