Woodland Heights Water System

Annual Drinking Water Information

Size and number of connections

The system services 27 lots and maintains 20 active connections.


The system is located in the Woodland Heights subdivision of Taghum approximately 15 km southwest of Nelson, directly across from Taghum Shell. Taghum is within RDCK Electoral Area F between Nelson and South Slocan.


The Woodland Heights water system derives source water from a 50 metre deep well.

System Description

The system was initially constructed in 1979 under the ownership of Woodland Construction Utility. At that time, the system served 16 lots. A second phase of construction brought 12 more lots on line between the years 1994 and 1997.


Since the source for this system is an aquifer that is not directly influenced by surface water, filtration and disinfection are not required. Historic monthly sample testing indicates that water from this system consistently meets provincial regulatory requirements.


The system includes a 154,700 litre concrete reservoir. Past assessments indicate that this reservoir has a lifespan of approximately 50 years.

Distribution system

The distribution system is comprised of PVC pipe with steel and brass curb connections. Past assessments report that the lifespan of this piping is approximately 80 years.


The system includes two hydrants; however, at present, no agreement exists with the Beasley Fire Department for use of the hydrants.

Significant issues

The proximity of Woodland Heights to the wider community of Taghum suggests that opportunities may exist in the future to amalgamate water systems. The Taghum Improvement District, however, utilizes a surface source which is at higher risk for contamination than the well utilized by Woodland Heights. Since the well is not large enough to serve both communities, amalgamation at this time is unlikely and would be pursued if only mutually beneficial to each community.

 In 2014, the water system continued to receive periodic sample results indicating the presence of total coliform bacteria. This resulted in system disinfection, system flushing and the issuance of temporary Water Quality Advisories. No sample result has ever indicated the presence of E.coli bacteria which would be typical of fecal contamination. The source of contamination has not been confirmed but it is believed to possibly be biofilm build up in the well or water lines which can be difficult to remove.

Consumption level chlorine continues to be added to the distribution system at the well head as a temporary measure.

Plans for future upgrades

Disinfection options were presented to the community in 2017 and no clear preference was indicated by customers. The RDCK will go ahead with sodium hydrochlorite disinfection as it provides residual disinfection protection and is the most economic of the options presented. The new disinfection building will be constructed in fall 2018, and will be made ready for future UV disinfection if required in the future.

Asset Management Planning

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) is complete and being updated annually.  The 2018 AMP summary report can be viewed HERE

The RDCK has received grant funding under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) in 2018 to develop a Risk & Criticality Assessment model for the water system's distribution network.  This Risk & Criticality Assessment model is now a component of the AMP and is included when RDCK management considers asset replacement dates or the prioritization of upgrade work on the highest risk/highest need.


The Woodland Heights water system was converted to a RDCK service in January 2011. It was historically owned and operated by Woodland Construction Utility.

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