Regional Energy Efficiency Program

Learn how to lower your heating costs and increase your comfort with the Regional Energy Efficiency Program.

The Regional District Central Kootenay (RDCK) is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and has developed the Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) to encourage residents to make their buildings more energy efficient.

Everyone can join!

Discover how energy-saving programs can help renters, homeowners or those looking to build a new home. Learn about free installation of energy and water efficient products, how to get money back on energy upgrades, and financing options. 

Due to the overwhelming response and fantastic uptake of this offer, the RDCK SaveNow campaign above is currently full and cannot accept new orders at this time. REEP New Homes and REEP Existing Homes are still accepting applicants for you to Save Energy and Save Money - check out the RDCK SaveNow website and options below to see what of the many energy-saving options available would benefit you.


OPTION 1:  EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation

This is for homeowners who are interested in having an EnerGuide home energy evaluation before and after your home renovation, also called pre-evaluation and post-evaluation. It is important to have the evaluation prior to starting the renovations, so that everything you do will count towards current rebate offers.

Access an energy evaluation to determine what energy efficient upgrades (retrofits) can be done to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. You will be able to access current rebate offers, financing options, a local contractor guide and energy coaching.

This option includes a blower door test as part of the evaluation, please watch the video: 

EnerGuide home energy evaluation cost

The Regional Energy Efficiency Program provides a subsidy towards the energy evaluation. To complete the program, there are two energy evaluations (pre/post):





Post-energy evaluation


RDCK Subsidy


RDCK Subsidy


Homeowner Pays


Homeowner Pays






First visit after subsidy & rebate


Second visit after subsidy & rebate


*   plus applicable taxes

The total cost for both visits is $725, the subsidy is $285 and the rebate from FortisBC or BC Hydro (depending on your location) is $300. With the subsidy and rebate, the total cost to the homeowner is only $140.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

OPTION 2: Energy Conservation Assistance Program - FREE

 If you qualify, based on your income, this program offers free installation and supply of energy efficient products, this is available for those who rent or own their homes. Some homes may even qualify for a refrigerator, insulation and a natural gas furnace. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

OPTION 3: Building a New Home

A new home is one of the biggest investments a person will make. Know what you are  getting by planning, designing and building a new home informed by energy modeling. Maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing operation costs is least expensive when done from the design stage. Verify your home’s performance at the end with air tightness testing.

The BC Energy Step Code provides an approach to “building beyond the standard” that requires energy modeling and end-of-construction testing.  Learn more on building your home with maximum home comfort, long-term durability and reduced operating utility costs.   

To access more information and to be connected with a New Home Energy Advisor, please register:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


For your convenience, you can download this list of contractors who do energy upgrade work within the RDCK.

* Please note that this list is not a pre-qualified nor recommended list of contractors; it is for your convenience only. Inclusion on this list does not indicate endorsement by the RDCK or any party or persons affiliated with the Regional Energy Efficiency Program. You are welcome to contact any other contractor not on this list. If you use a contractor on or off of this list please ensure that you still ask the same questions as you would when hiring a contractor outside of this program. Some things to ask for are qualifications, references, licenses and experience. The work being done in your home is the sole responsibility of you and your contractor, not the RDCK or any persons affiliated with delivering the Regional Energy Efficiency Program.


The Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) and FortisBC invites you to improve the energy efficiency of your home with a thermal imaging camera and the FortisBC draft-proofing kit. 
To learn how to participate in the See The Heat program and additional program resources please visit: 



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