South Slocan Water System

Community Meeting

A community meeting was held on April 4, 2018 to provide information to water users about the water system budget and related increases in repairs and cartridge filter consumption.  The dam safety review and upper pressure zone project were also discussed.  Click HERE for more information.

Annual Drinking Water Information

Size and number of connections

The system services 51 active connections.


The system is located in the community of South Slocan Village approximately 30 km southwest of Nelson and is within RDCK Electoral Area H.  The Dam Inn is across Highway 3A and is supplied water from this water system.


The South Slocan system currently draws water from Watt's Brook and Smokey Creek as a secondary source.

System Description

This system was first constructed prior to 1950 and became a RDCK service in the 1980s. In order to address significant and persistent issues with historic water quality and quantity, the system recently underwent significant upgrades.


As part of the recent upgrades, a new water treatment plant was installed in South Slocan in July, 2010. The plant includes three filtration banks consisting of a backwashable sand media filter, a 1-micron nominal cartridge and a 1-micron absolute cartridge. UV disinfection and residual chlorine disinfection provide a microbiological barrier. The plant also uses a SCADA system, which allows for remote monitoring of plant processes.


The system includes a 273,000 litre steel reservoir that holds raw water, and a 300,300 litre steel reservoir that holds treated water. This second reservoir was installed during the recent general upgrade to the South Slocan system.

Distribution system

The system includes steel, cast iron, and PVC piping. Some sections of the distribution system were replaced in 1992 and 2003. New piping was also installed as part of the recent upgrade. Historic reports suggest that some piping has been subject to the types of maintenance issues that accompany aging distribution systems.


Existing fire-fighting infrastructure includes five hydrants and two standpipes. The flow and storage capacity of the system is inadequate to provide reliable fire suppression. However, the FIre Underwriters Survey reviewed the system in 2014 and is now recognized as having a dwelling protection grade based on available fire flows from one hydrant located near the old school house.

Significant issues

Watt's Brook, the source for the South Slocan water system, provides limited flow. Especially during certain seasons, the system is nearing capacity for demand. Usage in the community is high and, as a result, this system could benefit from the implementation of advanced water conservation strategies. 

Dam safety regulations introduced a few years ago require that a dam safety review be completed for the Smokey Creek Dam. The Regional District has made multiple submissions to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources but these have not been accepted. Since the start of this project new dam safety review guidelines have been introduced and it has been recommended to us that a consultant specializing in dam safety reviews will need to be commissioned.

Recent increased turbidity has been realized in the South Slocan Water System, resulting in increased filter replacement costs. A recent review indicates that increased turbidity may be due to system demand.

Plans for future upgrades

In 2017, future watermain carrier pipes were installed at the highway crossing during the Ministry of Transportation's highway overpass replacement project.

Small distribution upgrade projects are planned for 2020 and 2021.

Asset Management Planning

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) is complete and being updated annually.  The 2018 AMP summary report can be viewed HERE

The RDCK has received grant funding under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) in 2018 to develop a Risk & Criticality Assessment model for the water system's distribution network.  This Risk & Criticality Assessment model is now a component of the AMP and is included when RDCK management considers asset replacement dates or the prioritization of upgrade work on the highest risk/highest need.


This system is currently owned and operated by the RDCK. The RDCK receives community-specific advice and policy guidance from the South Slocan Commission of Management.

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