Energy efficiency and renewable energy generation is another area of focus for the Sustainability Service.

Strategic Community Energy and Emissions Plan (SCEEP)

In the winter of 2016-2017, the RDCK conducted and then adopted a Strategic Community Energy and Emissions Plan (SCEEP). This plan describes the existing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions with a view to improving efficiency, cutting emissions, enhancing community resilience, managing future risks and driving economic development. The Plan also includes an Action Plan section and lists several categories for impactful reduction of emissions: buildings, transportation and waste.

Download and read the SCEEP [PDF - 2.4 MB]

In 2017-2018, FortisBC partnered with the RDCK to hire a Senior Energy Specialist (SES) to implement the recommendations of the SCEEP. The SES was responsible for:

  • identifying and implementing low carbon energy initiatives within residential and commercial buildings (existing and new), transportation e.g. Accelerate Kootenays, resource recovery including organic diversion, agricultural deadstock, recycling and landfill gas capture

RDCK continues to implement SCEEP recommendations with support from FortisBC.

Senior Energy Specialist (SES)

The Senior Energy Specialist (SES) is a partnership with FortisBC. The primary objective of the SES is to support the development of policies, programs and actions that move the RDCK towards a low-carbon energy future. Trish Dehnel with Community Energy Association held this inaugural position in 2017-2018 and established a foundation of data, reporting and understanding regarding conservation and energy management, corporate and community demand side management, renewable natural gas, and alternative transportation (including Accelerate Kootenays). The work for the SES for continues for 2018-2020 as a role within the RDCK.

Regional Energy Efficiency Program

On September 25, 2018, the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) announced the launch of the Regional Energy Efficiency Program. This program will make it easier for homeowners and tenants to make their homes more energy efficient, and will support the RDCK in achieving its climate action goals.

Learn more about the Regional Energy Efficiency Program and how to register.

Community Energy Association (CEA) and Nelson Hydro are the program's primary partners. They share the role of delivering the program by providing the following services:

  • Nelson Hydro will develop the Home Retrofit program to offer certified energy assessments, retrofit incentives and rebates and with the goal to penetrate 3% of the existing housing stock or 774 homes.
  • CEA will develop the New Home program to offer education, training and workshops to builders and officials with the goal of 80% penetration. This supports the transition of building practice in our area to the new BC Energy Step Code, a component of the BC Building Code. More information:

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