Volunteer as a Firefighter


  • The RDCK has 18 volunteer fire departments and 19 fire halls in the central kootenays. 
  • No previous experience is necessary to become a volunteer firefighter and volunteers train to professional standards.
  • Volunteer firefighters are all ages, male and female, and come from many socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • All required personal protective equipment and training are provided—there are no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Your local volunteer fire department constantly needs to recruit volunteers to replace members who retire or move away.
  • Volunteers firefighters commit to 2 hours a week of training at their local fire hall.
  • Volunteer firefighters receive insurance coverage through WorkSafe BC, 24 hour accident insurance coverage and  $100,000 life insurance in case of accidental death.
  • The federal government provides tax credits to volunteer firefighters who serve at least 200 hours per year.
  • Volunteer fire departments create infrastructure, build and improve communities, keep people safe, attract new residents and businesses, and encourage teambuilding, leadership, interpersonal skills, friendship and personal growth.
  • Many departments raise money for local and provincial charities and provide Learn Not to Burn  and FireSmart  training.
  • Firefighters do more than just fight fires.  They are also trained as first responders, provide swift water rescue, over embankment rescues, wildland interface protection and jaws of life extrapolation.

To find out more about volunteering, please contact your local fire hall. If you are ready to join one of our teams, fill out the application below.



 Download or fill out the Volunteer Firefighter Application Form.pdf [PDF - 2 MB]

Along with the application, you will also be required to obtain the following:

  • Driver's AbstractContact your local ICBC office.
  • Medical Opinion Clearance Form.  Included with the Volunteer Firefighter Application Form.
  • Criminal Record Check.  Contact your local fire chief for details.

We greatly value our volunteers for giving so generously of their time to the service, their neighbours and their communities.


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