What We Do

The Finance group at the RDCK is primarily responsible for compliance with the financial reporting requirements of various levels of government, including the budget and financial plan, the annual preparation of the audited Financial Statements, Statements of Financial Information required by the Financial Information Act and the Reporting Forms required by British Columbia.

Finance is also responsible for asset management, investment portfolios, payroll, accounts payable, grant payments, and customer billings/accounts receivable.

Who We Are

Heather Smith Finance Manager
Darryl Zol Financial Analyst
Matthew Friesen Financial Analyst
Janet Matheson Payroll Lead
Marla Dreher Accounts Receivable Lead
Heather Zavagno Accounts Payable Lead
Vicky Issot Accounting and Payroll Clerk
Matt Carmichael Accounts Payable Clerk
Paula Hudson-Lunn Accounts Payable & Receivable Clerk
Kim Nicholson Creston Accounts Receivable and Administrative Clerk

Finance Reports

To find Financial Statements, Statements of Financial Information and Annual Budgets, please click here.


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