Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Our region experiences hot and dry summers, with water restrictions becoming more common.  Residents are encouraged to consider landscape plantings that work with these conditions.  Native and drought tolerant species look great and need far less help and watering from us.

Xeriscaping is the practice of using native and drought-tolerant plants.  Homeowners, landscapers and local governments are embracing xeriscaping principles of using easy care and hardy plants that use less water and withstand our climate.

We encourage all residents to visit the RDCK Xeriscape (ˡzir-Ə-ןskāp) Demonstration Garden located at Crescent Valley Beach Regional Park, 1271 Highway 6 for water-saving ideas, and to see examples of the following native plant groupings: edible, medicinal, bulb, native shrurbs, cut flowers, wildflower meadow, rock garden, ornamental grass, Mediterranean, native perennial flowers, and a pollinator & bee garden.  The garden also features three types of drought-resistant lawns (tall fescue, micro clover, and EnviroBlend).  The garden is very low maintenance and does not require any additional irrigation. 

           RDCK' Water Smart Ambassador

            Drought Tolerant Grass Seeds

                             Mulch Options

          Johnny Jump-Ups (Viola tricolor)
                 (planted May 29, 2019)

           Dogwood Tree (Cornus Aurora)
                  (planted May 29, 2019)

                   Ice Plant (Delosperma)
                  (planted May 29, 2019)

   Hens & Chicks (Sempervivum tectorum )
                  (planted May 29, 2019)

        Check out our WaterSmart brochures to learn more:

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