Woodbury Village Water System

The Woodbury Village Water System is under a
Water Quality Advisory as of January 11, 2018


Annual Drinking Water Information

Size and number of connections

This water system has 42 connections.


The Woodbury Village Water System is located on Woodbury Village Road along Highway 3A between Ainsworth Hot Springs and the Village of Kaslo. This system is in RDCK Electoral Area D.

System Description

This system was created in 1985 to service the Woodbury Village development. The Woodbury Village Services Society took ownership in 1988 and operated the system as a community until 2012. The RDCK took over operations of the Woodbury Village Water System in 2012.


The source for this water system is Kootenay Lake.


Water is disinfected with a Ultraviolet light.


The Woodbury Village system includes a storage reservoir with a 60,000 gallon capacity.

Distribution System

The estimated length of the distribution system is 1,800 metres of 6-inch PVC piping.


There are no approved fire hydrants on this system; however, residents do have their own fire-fighting equipment and protocol for the area for which they use the system's standpipes.

Significant Issues

The Woodbury Water System has been subject to recurring Total Coliform bacteria hits. In May 2016, consumption level chlorine was added to the distribution system due to the prescence of coliform bacteria. Consumption level chlorine continues to be added to the distribution system.

Plans for Future Upgrades

The design for a reservoir structural banding upgrade has been completed. An application for an Interior Health permit has been submitted. We are anticipating that this project will be completed in fall 2018.

The ultraviolet system replacement was not completed in 2017 due to Crown Land Tenure (occupation of land) requirements. The upgrade is currently planned for 2019. Media filtration upgrades are also planned for 2019.

A Watershed Protection Plan is scheduled for 2022.

Asset Management Planning

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) is complete and being updated annually.  The 2018 AMP summary report can be viewed HERE

The RDCK has received grant funding under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) in 2018 to develop a Risk & Criticality Assessment model for the water system's distribution network.  This Risk & Criticality Assessment model is now a component of the AMP and is included when RDCK management considers asset replacement dates or the prioritization of upgrade work on the highest risk/highest need.


This system was converted to a RDCK service in January, 2012. It was historically owned and operated by the Woodbury Village Services Society.

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