Sign up for Emergency Notification System

The RDCK's Emergency Notification System is dedicated to communicating with our residents and visitors in the case of an emergency or disaster that requires evacuation or sheltering in place.  You will be notified via text, voice call or email, depending on how you sign up, that will instantly alert you to leave your place of residence or current location and seek alternate shelter until the emergency is under control.   When you sign up you will indicate the area in which you live in so that you will receive notifications that are relevant to your location.

There is also an added system that will keep evacuees informed with up to date information once they have been evacuated.

Sign up here: RDCK Emergency Notification System 

For more information, contact Deb Burnett at 250-352-8154.

* If you are a City of Nelson resident you can additionally sign up for Nelson specific Alerts here:

Current Emergencies or Incidents

Current Evacuation Alerts, Orders and Rescinds  |  RDCK on Facebook  |  RDCK on Twitter

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