The RDCK recognizes the importance of protected water sources for drinking, habitat and recreation by providing effective management of its 19 water systems and being an advocate for safe, clean and abundant water.

Watershed Governance

The RDCK Board is currently exploring its role in watershed governance. Following a workshop with the POLIS Project, the Board directed, “staff to develop a Regional Watershed Governance Initiative project plan”. This is underway and staff will report back to the Board with a plan in the winter of 2018.

Kootenay Lake Partnership

The Kootenay Lake Partnership  was formed in 2010 as a multi-agency initiative to support management approaches for a productive and healthy Kootenay Lake ecosystem.

Shoreline Guidance mapping projects

The Kootenay Lake Shoreline Guidance Document is a result of a comprehensive Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping project that involved an inventory and assessment of ecological, archaeological and Ktunaxa cultural values along the shoreline of Kootenay Lake. The resulting Shoreline Guidance Document directs shoreline development such as docks, retaining walls, or dredging activities in an effort to protect high value shoreline habitats.

Slocan Lake

The Slocan Lake Guidance Document was initiated in 2011 and completed in 2014. Read more.

Brilliant Heads

The Brilliant Headpond Stewardship Collaborative aims to bring together residents of the Brilliant Headpond area communities, government, First Nations and industry in a collaborative effort to build a stewardship plan. Read more.

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