Floodplains, Alluvial Fans & Geotechnical Hazards

The goals of floodplain mapping and delineation of natural hazards within the RDCK is to reduce or prevent injury, human trauma and loss of life, and to minimize property damage during flood events. Experience has shown that regulating land development to keep people out of harm’s way is the most practical and cost effective way of achieving these goals.

The following information is intended to assist the general public by explaining the requirements for construction within a floodplain, alluvial fan or other geotechnical hazard. Reference to Floodplain Management Bylaw No. 2080 [PDF - 235 KB] is recommended.

An application by a property owner to the Regional District for a site specific exemption of Floodplain Specifications shall be completed in the form provided by the Regional District and submitted in accordance with the instructions on the application.  This provision is not a substitute for any requirements under Section 56 of the Community Charter.

Helpful Documents

Floodplains, Alluvial Fans & Geotechnical Hazards Information [PDF - 1.8 MB]
Terms of Reference - Requirements for Engineers/Geoscientists re: Geotech & Flood Hazard Reports [PDF - 31 KB]

Additional Helpful Documents can be downloaded from the Land Use and Planning page.

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