Kootenay Lake Partnership

The Kootenay Lake Partnership is a multi-stakeholder initiative which has been developed to support a productive and healthy Kootenay Lake ecosystem into the future. The project envisions balanced land and water uses that sustain environmental, community, recreational, aboriginal, cultural, traditional, and aesthetic values. The mission of the Partnership is to share information and optimize available resources, in order to develop integrated, collaborative approaches to lake management.

Kootenay Lake Shorline Inventory Interactive Web Map.

For more information on this initiative, please visit the project website at: Kootenay Lake Partnership

Kootenay Lake Guidance Document [PDF - 1.1 MB]
(please note that this document is a living document and will be subject to periodic revisions - the version number will always be provided)
Kootenay Lake Guidance Document Mapping [PDF - 302.7 MB]

Kootenay Lake Fisheries Inventory Mapping (FIM) Report [PDF - 267 MB]

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