Community Heritage Register

What places matter to you in Central Kootenay?

Help us create a Community Heritage Register for the Regional District of Central Kootenay!

The Regional District of Central Kootenay is taking an exciting step in developing a Community Heritage Register. This is a way of formally acknowledging places of cultural heritage significance that matter to the community.

 Every community has those special pieces of history that will forever define the place and the people. A Community Heritage Register will help us to celebrate our past, value the present and build a sustainable future.

 To develop this list of local sites, properties, events and even stories, we are reaching out to local residents, organizations and community groups to help pinpoint places that matter to the community, the places we can’t live without. A resource worthy of inclusion on a heritage register is something that is deemed to have heritage value or heritage character in the community.

Being ‘listed’ does not mean that the property is protected, nor does it limit a property owner’s ability to renovate or change their property. Listed properties simply gain formal recognition as a heritage resources by the RDCK.

Please take our survey

Residents are being asked to fill out a survey to help inform this project. There are three ways to access the survey:

1. Visit to take the survey online (you will need to fill out the short survey for each heritage resource you would like to nominate, if you have more than one)

2. Send an e-mail to and a link will be sent to you directly

3. Pick up a printed survey form at any RDCK office location or your local library branch.

The survey will be open for about two months until the end of December 2019. 

The proposed sites and heritage resources to be included on the RDCK Community Heritage Register will be posted here in early 2020.

Once the Heritage Register is developed, most nominated sites will be publicly accessible in an interactive map form, so we can all deepen our understanding of this region and our connection to it. Other sites which may be deemed by the nominating community to be sensitive, vulnerable or private, will be documented internally by the Regional District but not made public, so that appropriate land use planning around these areas can be considered.

What is a Community Heritage Register?

Read more here: 

Or download the RDCK Community Heritage Register two-pager here  [PDF - 91 KB]

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