Environmental Services

Name Title Phone Email
AJ Evenson Senior Project Manager Email
Alayne Hamilton HB/Environmental Technologist Email
Alex Divlakovski Environmental Services Coordinator - Utility Services Email
Allan Richardson Water Services Supervisor, Erickson Email
Amy Wilson Resource Recovery Manager Email
Dave Sharun Utility Technician Email
Jason McDiarmid Utility Services Manager Email
Jay Colley Utilities Lead Hand Email
Kellie Leedham Environmental Coordinator, Resource Recovery Email
Kristy Koehle Water Technician 2 Email
Megan Deas Resource Recovery Operations Supervisor Email
Rachel George Administrative Assistant (250) 352-8161 Email
Shanna Eckman Administration Coordinator Email
Shari Imada Project Manager Email
Steve Ethier Water Operations Manager Email
Tanji Zumpano Water Services Liaison Email
Todd Johnston Environmental Technologist Email
Travis Barrington Resource Recovery Technician Email
Uli Wolf General Manager of Environmental Services Email

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