RDCK Adopts Budget

The Board of the Regional District of Central Kootenay adopted its 2016—2020 Financial Plan today.

The General Administration service will decrease by about 10% over last year, while Rural Administration will rise around 5%. Other changes include increases to the building inspection (7.8%) and planning (15%) services.

“The Directors were very cognizant of the tax impacts to residents throughout the budget process,” said Stuart Horn, Chief Administrative Officer for the RDCK. “There are some increases related to service demands; however, we hope that decreases in other services will result in a small impact on individual tax bills.

Total taxation for the District is approximately $25 million.

“The Board thanks residents for participating in the public consultation process throughout the region,” said Karen Hamling, Chair of the Regional District. “The Board and staff worked diligently to ensure fiscal restraint.  This budget affects us all and sets a sound and fiscally responsible stage for the next five years.”

The RDCK manages and delivers 165 services. For more information on what the RDCK does for you, please visit http://www.rdck.ca/EN/main/government/welcome.html

The Financial Plan may be viewed here. [PDF - 771 KB]


For further information, please contact:

Stuart Horn
Chief Administrative Officer

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