Pool Renos Uncover Water Damage: NDCC

While installing air ducts in the ceiling of the NDCC Aquatic Centre this week, construction crews uncovered water damage to external walls and sub-flooring of the Fitness Area and the RDCK is now investigating further to determine the extent of the damage. Equipment in the Fitness Area has been relocated to the arena floor to accommodate ducting work, but will remain in the arena longer than originally anticipated so that repairs to water-damaged areas can be completed.

"Obviously this is a setback which no one could have predicted," said Marty Benson, Recreation Manager for the NDCC. "Discovering it when we did means that we can ensure the issue is fixed; however, it's disappointing that we have to close our cardio area and we apologize to our patrons for the inconvenience," said Benson. “Fortunately, we were aware of drainage issues in the parking area in front of the Fitness Area before we started the project, so our project budget includes money for civil work to improve drainage and make sure water does not pool anywhere in front of the facility in the future.”  

Water damage experts brought in to assess the Fitness Area and its surrounding structure have recommended that the RDCK install storm drainage in the parking lot roundabout or within the sidewalk system directly in front of NDCC entry points. Their assessment shows that water has accumulated over the years from rainfall, snow and meltwater from the parking lot, all of which flow down a natural slope towards the entry point to the Fitness Area. 

Benson said crews are currently investigating the problem areas to get a full understanding of the extent of the issue so that an appropriate long-term solution is identified. Possible fixes may include installation of a drainage system in case any part of the building cavity becomes wet again, as well as a two-step power wash to clean the area followed by installation of a waterproof membrane barrier to guard against moisture. 

The arena will continue to serve as a cardio area so people can continue to exercise The entrance to the fitness studio will be moved so fitness classes can continue in the summer months while construction is completed.

“Overall the aquatic centre project is going very well. We’ve now finished the installation of the water proof membrane and tiling the pool will begin soon.  The structural work needed for the installation of our new air handling unit is complete and the weight room area is back in full operation,” said Benson. “Our next major activity is to complete the final test fill to ensure the pool basin is water tight.

A detailed description of construction zone activities and expected disruptions to service as a result is available on the RDCK website and has been posted at the NDCC.

The aquatic centre is expected to reopen to the public in the fall of this year.


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