North Shore Wildfire Flared Up, Now Contained

A one-hectare wildfire at the end of Rogers Road on the North Shore flared up today but is now 100% contained, thanks to efforts by crews from the Balfour-Harrop and North Shore Volunteer Fire Departments, as well as forestry staff.

The re-ignition occurred on the north-west flank of the fire, igniting two 15 by 15 metre spots.

The area is being patrolled by fire crews.

The cause of the blaze was a tree that fell on the main transmission lines running along the North Shore.

The RDCK is deeply grateful to our volunteer firefighters for their efforts in extinguishing this blaze, and to the forestry crews who have assisted them.

Anyone who spots a wildfire is asked to call *5555 on their cell phone or call 1.800.663.5555.


For more information:

Nora Hannon

Emergency Coordinator


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