NDCC Renovations at Critical Point: Some Service Disruptions Expected

Service at the NDCC will be disrupted periodically over the next two months as crews install a new roof top air handling unit, replace exterior windows, install new air ducts and continue other renovation work.

"We’re asking for patience and understanding from our clients right now, because some areas of the facility are going to become a construction zone off and on until July," said Marty Benson, Recreation Manager for the NDCC. "Although we’ve tried to keep disruptions to a minimum, we anticipated at some point other areas of the facility would be impacted. We’re at that point now."

From May 20 through June 12, layout of the weight room will change to accommodate equipment from the functional training area so work crews can build structural supports for the air handling unit. The weight room, cardio area and fitness studio will remain open.

From June 12 to June 15, the fitness centre, fitness studio, administration area and multi-purpose room will be closed completely while crews cut concrete and demolish parts of the cardio area for the installation of air ducts to the leisure pool.

From June 16 to early July, the arena will serve as a cardio area so people can continue to work out. The entrance to the fitness studio will be moved so fitness classes can continue in the summer months while construction is completed.

"The project is going well. The water test of the pool tank was successful which allows the tiling to begin in the coming weeks," said Benson.

"I have recently seen the pool and can visualize what a wonderful facility is being created for our community,"said Valerie Warmington, Chair of the Nelson and District Recreation Commission. "I’m also confident the wait will be worth it. We’re going to be able to enjoy the aquatic centre for decades to come."

A detailed description of construction zone activities and expected disruptions is available on the RDCK website and has been posted at the NDCC.

The aquatic centre is expected to reopen to the public in early fall of this year.


For more information:
Marty Benson
Recreation Manager, NDCC
(250) 354-4386

Joe Chirico
General Manager of Community Services
(250) 352-8158

Stuart Horn
Chief Administrative Officer
(250) 352-8152

NDCC Aquatic Centre Reno 1 - RDCK Project Manager Jeff Phillips surveys the upgraded pool tank at the NDCC Aquatic Centre. Concrete work in the pool is done and deck tiling has started. NDCC patrons can expect occasional disruptions to service while construction goes ahead. Photo credit:  VOX Communications.

NDCC Aquatic Centre Reno 2 - The upgraded NDCC Aquatic Centre pool tank passed its first test in May - it's watertight. Photo credit: RDCK.

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