Grab n' Go: Be Prepared for Emergency

The Two ‘F’ Words:
Be Prepared in Case of Emergency

With the possibility of floods and fires in our region, the RDCK wants the public to be as prepared as possible in case of emergency.

Residents are encouraged to assemble Grab n’ Go Kits, which help to prepare individuals and families for emergencies.

“Everyone should have such a kit, in case a fire, flood or other event occurs,” advises Andrew Bellerby, Regional Fire Chief with the RDCK. “Ideally, have one in your car and in your home. Make sure everyone in your household knows where the kits are. And don’t forget about pets and livestock in case they need to be evacuated one day.”

Another helpful tool is the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual which outlines measures residents can take to reduce wildfire hazards. The manual can be found online at

For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit the RDCK website at

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For further information, please contact:

Andrew Bellerby
General Manager of Fire and Emergency Services/Regional Fire Chief

View Grab ‘n Go Kit list here [PDF - 169 KB]

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