A Smart Community - Queens Bay receives national recognition for being FireSmart

The community of Queen’s Bay is receiving national recognition for its 2015 efforts to be FireSmart, the RDCK announced today. FireSmart promotes community-wide participation in the use of FireSmart practices that cut the potential for home ignition and minimize the loss of life and property to wildfire, independent of firefighting efforts.

"This honour speaks to the incredible commitment and hard work of Queen’s Bay residents to keep their community safe," said Nora Hannon, Local FireSmart Representative and Balfour Deputy Fire Chief. "I would like to see all residents throughout the region apply FireSmart principles to their homes."

  • FireSmart Canada is bestowing the award on the community for a number of initiatives, including:
  • the creation of a FireSmart Board organized by champion Nancy Corrin;
  • the completion of a community wildfire assessment report by a local FireSmart representative (made possible by grant funding from Area E Director Ramona Faust);
  • the development of a FireSmart community plan;
  • fuel management work that involved thinning and trimming trees around the community hall and installing a new asphalt roof, roof top sprinkler system and water storage tanks;
  • the purchase of 1000-gallon water storage bladders which were sold to residents;
  • ongoing FireSmart events in 2016 to further reduce hazards through education and activities.

Representatives from FireSmart Canada will present the award to the community on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 12 p.m. at St.Francis in the Woods, 9230 Lauder Road, Queens Bay.


For further information, please contact:
Nora Hannon
Balfour Harrop Deputy Fire Chief
(250) 551-0917

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