Field of Dreams: RDCK acquires land for recreation

The RDCK has acquired an 8.6 acre parcel of land known as Campbell Field thanks to a generous donation by the South Slocan Sports Association. Adjacent to Mount Sentinel Secondary School, the property is situated near the junction of Highways 6 and 3A and the borders of Electoral Areas H, I and F. The Slocan Valley Rail Trail is close by, as is the RDCK’s Crescent Valley Beach Regional Park.

"This incredible gift offers area residents a spectacular opportunity for recreation in the future," said Walter Popoff, Electoral Area H Director. "We will be following the recommendations in Slocan Valley Recreation Master Plan in the development of this property for the benefit of Area residents."

The property has been administered by the South Slocan Sports Association since the late 1930s, when it was acquired from West Kootenay Power. Under the stewardship of long-time Crescent Valley resident and former school board trustee Bob Cunningham, the property has always been used for sports and cultural activities. A covenant ensures that the site will always be used for those purposes.

The aging membership of the Association and the mounting cost of insurance led to the group’s decision to donate the land to the RDCK to ensure that the community can enjoy the property for years to come.

"We’ve been happy to maintain this pristine land for generations—we played on the field as kids and now our grandkids do, too," said Association President Phil Chernenkoff.

"Our group of 10 has done all it can do [with the site]," said Joe Nazaroff. "Donating the land to the RDCK is the best thing for the community and the future of the property."

"These volunteers have been fantastic stewards of this property," said Director Popoff. "The RDCK is thankful for this legacy and gift."

"We are grateful to Director Popoff for his guidance and help in having the RDCK take on this property," said Jerry Plonidin.

"The property is in the right hands."

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For further information, please contact:
Walter Popoff
Director, Electoral Area H
Phone: (250) 359-7455

Stuart Horn
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: (250) 352-8152

The RDCK gratefully acknowledges the members of the South Slocan Sports Association:
Phil Chernenkoff
Kris Hryniw
Don Makaroff
Joe Nazaroff Jr
Ernie Pozney
John Sherbinin
John Hlookoff Jr
Don Makaroff
Fred Markin
Jerry Plonidin
Jack Rilkoff

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