Stage 3 Water Measures: Erickson & Town of Creston

Stage 3 Water Conservation Measures in Effect for Town of Creston & Erickson Water Users

The Arrow Creek water supply system is experiencing early year high demand due to the extended hot weather and low precipitation period over the last two months. This situation is threatening the water supply from Arrow Creek with historic low creek flows for this time of the year. Current water withdrawal rates from the creek may not be sustainable if the dry and hot weather continues.

 As a result, the Town of Creston has activated their water well in order to augment the supply from the Arrow Creek Treatment Plant and current Stage 2 Water Conservation measures in place will be further upgraded to Stage 3 water conservation requirements effective immediately. We are asking that all water users comply with the following:

  • Watering of lawns is not allowed
  • Watering of gardens, trees and shrubs between 6am and 10am only
  • Watering of gardens, trees and shrubs by watering can or hand-held hose is still allowed anytime.

 The RDCK appreciates your cooperation in adhering to the above water conservation measures.

The RDCK Water Rates and Regulations Bylaw 2052 and a detailed description of the water conservation measures is available on our website at

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If you have questions or concerns please contact us at:

RDCK Water Services
(250) 428-2612 

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