Recycle Responsibly

NELSON – On Monday October 19th, the RDCK set up new recycling bins at depots throughout the Central sub-region. While the RDCK acknowledges that it will take some time for residents to get used to the new system, there are many good reasons for the changes.

“We encourage residents to recycle responsibly and remain environmentally conscious, because overall there are big savings both financially and in terms of greenhouse gas reduction with the new system,” stated Uli Wolf, General Manager of Environmental Services. “We have been using this style of bin in the RDCK East & West sub-regions for several years and the system works well.”

The benefits of recycling and reducing waste are undeniable and have not changed: recycling saves energy, conserves natural resources, preserves the environment and prolongs the life of local landfills. We are all responsible for reducing our waste, and recycling is good for the environment. Residents are responsible for their recyclables and for using the depots responsibly.

The new bins make transportation of the recyclable materials much more efficient because they are collected in a compaction truck. This means a greater volume of recyclables can be transported resulting in fewer trips and reduced fuel consumption, thereby saving money and reducing greenhouse gases!

Blue bags are no longer accepted at recycling depots in the Central sub-region (Salmo, Ymir, Lakeside Dr, Grohman Narrows, Kokanee Marina, Balfour or Kaslo). Residents can collect their recyclables in any reusable container to transport to the depot. Materials don’t have to be sorted ; however , all items must be placed in the bin slots. Glass is still collected in a separate bin. Leaving blue bags or other materials beside the bins or on top of the bins is not acceptable and is considered illegal dumping. Remember that littering materials at recycling depots adds extra costs for site clean-up.

The RDCK appreciates the cooperation of residents in adapting to the new recycling collection system. The RDCK will continue to work with our contractor Waste Management over the next few weeks to ensure that the recycling depots are adequately serviced. Please recycle responsibly!


For further information, please contact:
Nicole Ward
Environmental Services Coordinator
(250) 352-6665 or 1-800-268-7325

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