RDCK Rejects Bids for Kaslo & Balfour Transfer Station Upgrades

The RDCK Board has rejected all bids received for the Balfour and Kaslo Transfer Station Upgrades as all bid exceeded the available budget. Five bids were received for the construction tender which closed on April 8, 2015. Accepting the lowest tendered price would have put the RDCK substantially above the $ 1,250,000 approved project budget.

The RDCK Board has directed staff to work with the project engineers to revise the scope of the project to find cost savings. The project will shortly be re-tendered to the five bidders with revised specifications. Consequently, the commencement of construction will be delayed by at least one month. However, it is anticipated the transfer station upgrades will still be completed in 2015.

The planned temporary closure of the Kaslo Transfer Station on May 4, 2015 will not occur and the site will remain open to the public until a revised construction schedule is determined.

"The RDCK is committed to renewing our waste management infrastructure and will ensure that RDCK residents receive maximum value for the investment in these projects," says Tom Newell, RDCK Area F Director and Chair of the Central Resource Recovery Committee. "Considering that the tender prices exceeded our budget, a review of the project design is in the best interest of the RDCK at this time."

For further information, please contact:
Uli Wolf
General Manager of Environmental Services
(250) 352-8163

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