RDCK Exercises its Emergency Response Muscles

The Regional District of Central Kootenay staged a table-top exercise based on a mock train derailment on October 7th to practice its role in emergency response.

“This exercise demonstrates the RDCK’s commitment to being as prepared as we possibly can be for emergency events,” said Karen Hamling, Chair of the RDCK. “Our public’s safety is our first priority.”

Twelve RDCK staff members and two elected officials took part in the exercise as well as several representatives from the RCMP, the Ministry of Environment, CP Rail, emergency social services, and first responders from the Nelson, Balfour, Beasley and Tarry fire departments.

In addition to strengthening partnerships among the agencies involved, the scenario enabled participants to exercise response protocols and procedures, prepare evacuation plans, and develop communications.

“While we never hope to have a real emergency, exercises such as this one help us to deal with them should they arise,” said Hamling.


For more information please contact:
Noreen Clayton
Emergency Program Coordinator
(250) 352-8177

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