RDCK Reduces GHG Emissions at Creston Landfill

RDCK Reduces GHG Emissions at Creston Landfill

CRESTON—The RDCK is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by capturing and flaring methane at the Creston landfill. On May 15th equipment was installed at the facility to convert methane gas to carbon dioxide (CO2) which reduces greenhouse gas potential by a factor of 21 to 1.

The Creston Landfill gas project is a great example of a local GHG reduction project that the RDCK can utilize to off-set corporate emissions. Ultimately this project could reduce annual corporate emissions by a significant amount. Monitoring and emission measurements will be on-going at the Creston Landfill to determine the exact amount of GHG emission reductions that are achieved.

“This project is a valuable investment towards greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in the RDCK and can be used towards reducing corporate emissions in 2014 and beyond,” stated Garry Jackman, Chair of the East Resource Recovery Committee and Director of Area A.

This project was funded through the Corporate Energy Conservation Reserve Fund, a fund specifically established to support the RDCK's commitment to working towards carbon neutrality as part of the commitment to the Provincial Climate Action Charter

In 2013, annual corporate reported emissions were 1,863 tonnes of CO2.  The RDCK is currently working towards carbon neutrality by investigating other local reduction projects such as building retrofits that will reduce GHG’s and ultimately achieve carbon neutral status.



For further information, please contact:

Mike Morrison
Resource Recovery Manager
(250) 352-8168

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