RDCK Recycling Depot - Maintaining Status Quo

NELSON—In the RDCK all recycling depots will continue to operate status quo when the Multi Material BC (MMBC) Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Program rolls out across the province on May 19, 2014.

“Residents that utilize RDCK recycling depots won’t see any changes when the MMBC program launches May 19th. RDCK depots will accept the same materials and continue to operate, business as usual,” stated Uli Wolf, General Manager of Environmental Services. “The RDCK is not part of the MMBC program and will continue to provide uninterrupted recycling depot services throughout the region.”

Curbside recycling programs in Castlegar and portions of Area H, I & J, Nelson, Kaslo and Nakusp will be part of the new MMBC program. For the Villages of Naksup and Kaslo residents this is a new service. The way in which the materials are collected at curbside may differ between communities. All residents that live where curbside recycling programs are in place should contact their local municipality or visit the MMBC website www.recyclinginbc.ca for more information.

All RDCK recycling depots accept: paper, cardboard, newspaper, tin, glass and plastics #1-7. RDCK depots do not accept Styrofoam.

For more information about RDCK recycling depots visit www.rdck.ca

For information on MMBC curbside programs contact your local municipality, visit www.recyclinginbc.ca or contact the Recycling Council of BC at 1-800- 667-4321.

Uli Wolf, General Manager of Environmental Services
(250) 352 -8163

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