RDCK Moves Forward with Office Renovations

Following a formal tender process for building renovations and a request for proposals process for the supply of office workstations and partitions, RDCK Directors reaffirmed their earlier decision by the awarding  of contracts  to Nelson’s Dan Maglio Contracting Limited and Graphic Office Ltd. of Victoria.

RDCK Chair John Kettle stated, “The Board is confident with the process staff undertook to purchase the furnishings and systems to implement the approved space plan for the RDCK Nelson office. After a thorough legal and administrative review it was determined by the Board that the results are consistent with its purchasing policy.”

Kettle also noted that this purchase and renovation has been 20 years in the making. “We believe this move will ensure our office can accommodate the ‘high tech’ age which will ultimately be much more efficient and user-friendly for our employees who serve the public.  Included will be a multi-functional room that will serve as the new Emergency Services Operations Centre as well as a meeting room for the Board and public committees.”

This further commitment by the Board to upgrade the Nelson facility alleviates the immediate need to look at re-location to other facilities or communities.

Commenting on criticism of local purchasing concerns, Kettle noted that in 2012, RDCK payments to suppliers over $25,000 totalled $17,401,590. Of that amount, $7 million (41%) of expenditures were paid to suppliers within the RDCK and $3 million (17%) were paid to suppliers in the Nelson area. These amounts do not account for purchases under $25,000, a majority of which are made locally.

A further resolution of the Board at the May 15th meeting directs staff to review the current RDCK purchasing policy to ensure that it continues to be consistent with industry standards and maintains compliance with current provincial and national trade agreements.

“With this new renovation and upgrade we look forward to continuing our great working relationship with all of our 60,000 residents throughout the RDCK,” said Kettle.

Further background information is available upon request.

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For further information, please contact:

John Kettle, Board Chair                                                                                                        

Anitra Winje, Corporate Officer
Brian Carruthers, Chief Administrative Officer

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