Highlights of August RDCK Board meeting

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We Swear—Board adopts new Oath of Office bylaw
Recent legislative changes mean that local elected officials can now adopt their own oaths of office. The change is meant to emphasize the powers and responsibilities of regional districts and strengthen Directors’ accountability. The RDCK Board adopted its new oath and bylaw, which reads that Directors pledge to the residents of the Regional District of Central Kootenay that they:

  • shall perform the duties of Director faithfully and with integrity and will not allow any private interest to influence their conduct in public matters;
  • shall abide by the statutes, bylaws and policies that govern the District  and will also promote openness, accountability and responsible leadership; and
  • shall dedicate themselves at all times to acting in the best interest of the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

Parks to get Plans
The Board awarded the Req​uest for Proposals for Regional Park Management Planning and Design Development Services for Balfour Beach Park, Crescent Valley Beach Park, Pass Creek Park and Waterloo Eddy Park to Ecoscape Environmental Consultants Ltd. for $85,694.00 plus applicable taxes. The primary objective of the plans is to achieve a balance between conservation of the natural and cultural values in the parks while providing recreational access and interpretive opportunities for visitors. The public and other stakeholders will be consulted in order to develop management plan visions, strategic goals and park policies.

New Committee Struck—Woodland Heights Water Service Community Advisory
The Board established a community advisory committee for the Woodland Heights Water Service in Electoral Area F.The committee will provide RDCK staff with guidance on operations and capital works projects for the water service, as well as help facilitate effective communication with the Woodland Heights community. The newly appointed members of the committee are Lonnie Snyder, Eric Sherriff, Kathy Hartley and Sharon Horkoff. The Board and staff thank these individuals for serving their community!

Woodstove Exchange Program Still a Hot Topic
The RDCK will apply for a Provincial Woodstove Exchange Program grant for 2014/2015. The popular program encourages owners of older wood stoves to purchase low-emission and more efficient appliances. If funds are secured, up to 100 eligible homeowners in the RDCK could receive rebates. The aim is to improve air quality and promote education on clean burning techniques. For information on the program, please visit http://www.bcairquality.ca/topics/wood-stove-exchange-program/

Slocan Valley Fire Department—Highs and Lows
The Board approved the Slocan Valley Fire Department to provide high angle/technical rescue and low slope rescue services. This will enable the fire department members to use ropes and harnesses when performing rescues.

RDCK Supports Tourism
The Board of the Regional District of Central Kootenay will write a letter supporting the efforts of the Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism Society and Destination Marketing Organization to promote regional tourism by endorsing the implementation of a 2% additional hotel room tax within the  City of Nelson, Village of Kaslo and Electoral Areas D, E and F.

RDCK Supports Food Security
The Board of the Regional District of Central Kootenay will write a letter to the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute to support its efforts to secure a grant to conduct a research project on food production and food security in the Columbia Basin-Boundary.  

Recreation Commission No. 10 Gets Coordinator
The RDCK will advertise for a coordinator for Recreation Commission 10 to carry out administrative duties associated with programming in the area covered by Recreation Commission 10. Duties will include advertising, community liaison, creating a community calendar, and distributing and receiving community grant applications for review by the Recreation Commission.

RDCK Adopts Civic Addressing Bylaw
The Board adopted a civic addressing bylaw which will help support emergency response and mapping services. 

Ingham Arts and Culture Centre Gets Funding
The Board approved giving $50,000 to the the Ingham Arts & Culture Centre for a building retrofit and infrastructure upgrade project. The funds will be dispersed from the Electoral Area B Community Works Fund.

Kitchener Gets Money for Well Project
The Board approved giving $80,000 to the Kitchener Improvement District for a drilled well project. The funds will be dispersed from the Electoral Area B Community Works Fund.

New Fire Chief appointed to Crescent Valley Volunteer Fire Department
The Board appointed Deputy Chief Clayton Roy to the position of Fire Chief of the Crescent Valley Volunteer Fire Department. Congratulations, Chief Roy!

Medical Marihuana Regulations in Bylaws
The Board adopted several amendment bylaws to provide general regulations pertaining to Licensed Medical Marihuana Production Facilities and Licensed Medical Marihuana Research and Development Facilities

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