Creston Community Complex Wins Major Award

May 5 2014


“Heart and Soul”—

RDCK Creston   Recreation Complex Wins Major Award

CRESTON—The Creston and District Community Complex has received the Facility Excellence Award from the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA).

“This facility and its operations represent the commitment by our taxpayers to have a first-class long term facility for all ages throughout our valley,” said John Kettle, Regional District of Central Kootenay Chair and Area B Director.

“This recreation and fitness complex is second to none in the Kootenays and I want to congratulate our staff and operations folks for their efforts resulting in this award,” said Kettle.

That sentiment was echoed by Larry Binks, Area C Director and Chair of the Creston Valley Services Committee. “The success of the recreation centre is largely due to staff. Patrons enter and are immediately welcomed by a friendly face.” Binks pointed out that the complex has also become an attractive venue for events such as the recent Association of Kootenay-Boundary Local Governments conference, the Cattlemen’s Association of BC meeting, and numerous hockey tournaments.

The British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association called the complex the “heart and soul of the community” and said the RDCK’s “efforts exemplify how much the parks, recreation, physical activity and culture section can contribute to a high quality of life in our communities.”

“We are very pleased at being recognized provincially for the outstanding and special facility that the RDCK has developed here in Creston,” said Randy Fediuk, Recreation Manager at the complex. “The award is a huge bouquet to all of the people that have been involved in the development and success of the CDCC.”

The complex received over 160,000 visits last year, which is a testament to the vital role the facility plays in the community.

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Randy Fediuk
Manager of Recreation
Creston and District Community Complex
Phone: (250) 428-7127 Ext. 3109  

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