Balfour Water System Upgrades & Universal Metering Project Archives

UPDATE - July 10, 2018:

Planned water service interruptions for watermain tie-ins will now occur July 12 on Balfour Ferry Landing Road and July 13 on Busk Road area.  This change in schedule is due to the heavy rainfall event experienced on July 10.  In addition, the tie-in work required on Wharf road took longer than anticipated to complete.

  • Thursday, July 12, 2018 - Balfour Ferry Landing Road tie-in (changed from July 10th)

This will affect all properties located on Balfour Ferry Landing Road and may affect properties in the Busk Road area (including side roads:  Gladys Road, Madeline Road, Robert Road, Charles Road, Westley Road, Queen's Road and Beach Street, Adams Street & Meadow Street).

  • Friday, July 13, 2018 - Busk Road tie-in (changed from July 11th)

This wil affect all properties located on Balfour Ferry Landing Road and Busk Road area (including side roads:  Gladys Road, Madeline Road, Robert Road, Charles Road, Westley Road, Queen's Road and Beach Street, Adams Street & Meadow Street).

UPDATE - July 5, 2018:

Watermain tie-ins are planned for July 9-11th in lower Balfour. A Boil Water Notice will go into effect Monday, July 9th at 9:00am for the affected areas, as a precautionary measure due to the tie-in work. The tie-in work will result in planned service interruptions as follows:

Monday, July 9, 2018 - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – Balfour Wharf Road west and east end tie-ins

This will affect all properties serviced off of Balfour Wharf Road.

 Tuesday, July 10, 2018 – 9:00 am and lasting 4 to 6 hours (3:00 pm) – Balfour Ferry Landing Road tie-in

This will affect all properties located on Balfour Ferry Road and may affect properties in the Busk Road area (including side roads Glady Road, Madeline Road, Robert Road, Charles Road, Westley Road, Queen’s Road, and Beach Street, Adams Street, and Meadow Street).

 Wednesday, July 11, 2018 – 9:00 am and lasting 4 to 6 hours (3:00 pm) – Busk Road tie-in

This will affect all properties located on Balfour Ferry Road and Busk Road area (including side roads Glady Road, Madeline Road, Robert Road, Charles Road, Westley Road, Queen’s Road, and Beach Street, Adams Street, and Meadow Street).

Water service may be intermittent and/or unavailable for the affected properties during the water main outage hours. Residents are encouraged to store an adequate supply of drinking water for the day.

UPDATE - June 22, 2018:

The Boil Water Notice issued for the Balfour Water System has been rescinded. RDCK Water Services would like to remind water users that as the upgrade project progresses construction activities will require additional Water Quality Advisories or Boil Water Notices to be issued in parts of the Balfour Water System. The RDCK will continually assess the risk to water quality for the ongoing construction activities, and will issue the appropriate water quality notice as needed. To receive notifications of water quality notices by text or phone message, Balfour water users can sign up for the RDCK’s FREE water notifications service by calling 1-833-223-2662.

The watermain tie-ins in lower Balfour (Highway 3A, Balfour Wharf Road, Balfour Ferry Road, and the Busk Road area) will require planned service interruptions to many residences and businesses.  Advance notice of interruptions will be provided to affected residents and businesses; via the RDCK’s Water Notifications Service, notices posted in the community, and sandwich board signs. The contractor will coordinate directly with property occupants for any individual water service connection interruptions.

 Residents and businesses in Balfour should be prepared for service interruptions and a water quality notice to occur as early as next Wednesday.

UPDATE - June 21, 2018:

The Balfour Water System is currently on a Boil Water Notice as a precautionary measure due to the loss of pressure experienced during a watermain tie-in.  The Boil Water Notice can be lifted after 2 consecutive water quality tests show the water quality to be good.

The installation of the new 200mm watermain on Highway 3A is now complete with the installation of the line under Ferry Landing Road occurring on June 16th. This section was installed by the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and will allow the transmission of ‘fire flows’ to the Busk Road area of Balfour in the future.  Work is still required in this area of Highway 3A including:

  • Swapping of services from the old waterline to the new waterline.  Affected customers will be informed directly by the contractor and short outages will be required on these individual properties.
  • Tie-in of both the East and West side of Wharf Road as well as the service for the Ferry Landing Road.  Unfortunately these three tie-ins will result in wide outages to many of the residences on Highway 3A, all of the residents on Balfour Wharf Road and residents that access their properties via Busk Road.  Advance notice will be provided via the RDCK’s Water Notifications Service, notices posted in the community and sandwich board signs. To sign up for the free Water Notifications Service, please call 1-833-223-2662.

Once this work is complete the contractor will perform the required asphalt repairs and finish landscaping including seeding of side slopes.  All work on Highway 3A is planned to be completed before June 28th to avoid delays with the increase in traffic volumes expected once school is out.

The work along Busk Road will end just East of the Madeline/Busk intersection for the time being.  This is approximately 220m short of the planned end of the project, which was to be the Busk/Westley intersection.  We have decided to stop work at this location as the water infrastructure being exposed is in much poorer condition than anticipated.  With much work still to be completed (Universal Metering, Reservoir replacement, and backup power)  we may need more contingency funds to ensure the project as a whole does not go over budget.  Provided these portions can be completed within budget without the use of  contingency funds the watermain upgrade will recommence and be completed to the Busk/Westley intersection. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if anyone has any further questions or comments (250-352-8171) or  We enjoy hearing from residents and appreciate your input.


UPDATE - May 11, 2018:

The installation of the new 200mm watermain is progressing on Highway 3A by Trainor Mechanical Contractors.  Resident have probably noticed the new hydrants that are being installed. The contractor will begin the two crossings in the near future: one under Highway 3A and one under the Ferry Landing road.  The RDCK and Trainor Mechanical very much appreciates the patience of the water systems users on the recent unplanned outages. The existing infrastructure is of very poor condition and extremely fragile and recent outages are a direct result of this and the lack of information available on where the existing infrastructure is located. One of the recent outages was from the contractor using a hand shovel to locate the existing water line, the shovel removed a small amount of rust, this action resulted in a leak which required an outage to repair. The RDCK welcomes residents to contact our Water Services Liaison at 250-352-8171 to discuss the project further or have any concerns about the project in general. Also if you haven’t done so already, we encourage everyone to sign up for the RDCK's Water Notification Service.  This is a FREE service where residents receive automatic notifications of planned outages, updates on unplanned outages as well as information on water conservation measures and maintenance activities.  Please call 1-833-223-2662 or email your contact information to to sign up.


UPDATE - April 12, 2018:

Kaslo Industrial, based in Kaslo, has been awarded the Reservoir Site Preparation contract.  This work involves the following tasks:

  • Installation of 110 meters of watermain, valves and fittings to connect the new reservoir to the existing water system
  • Installation of electrical and communication equipment required for operation of new reservoir
  • Drainage structures, and site grading
  • Installation of two metering chambers for the two pressure zones

Kaslo Industrial will commence work as soon as Western Tank & Lining has completed the installation of the new reservoir.  Some water outages will be required for the tie-in of the new waterlines.  Advanced notice will be given to all residences for these outages.  Residences are encouraged to sign-up for the Water Notification Service which allows users to receive automatic notifications by telephone or text message.  Please call 1-833-223-2662 or email your contact information to  to sign up.

UPDATE - April 4, 2018:

Western Tank & Lining has begun to prepare the reservoir site.  Work to date includes, removal of organics, setting survey control, survey layout and geotechnical engineer review to confirm suitable soils for subgrade .  Excavation to achieve the reservoir subgrade will continue this week with foundation work to commence immediately after.  As part of this work, an existing waterline will need to be relocated.   This will necessitate a short outage for residences on Holt Road and Upper Balfour Road.  We expect this outage to take no more than two hours and additional advance notice will be provided once the date/time has been determined.


UPDATE - March 23, 2018:

Balfour residents may notice six large trees being removed on Busk Road the week of March 26, 2018 (weather permitting).  The trees are being removed as part of the Balfour watermain replacement project, which is one of the important upgrades being made to the Balfour Water System to improve system reliability and fire protection.

The decision to remove the trees was made after considering other options, and is supported by Ben Tanasichuk, area manager at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTi). The trees are on MOTi land.

Area residents are being advised of this work by hand-delivered notices and a notice in the post office.

If you have any questions about the removal of the trees, please contact Tanji Zumpano, Water Services Liaison, at the Regional District of Central Kootenay at 250-352-8171 or

UPDATE - March 16, 2018:

Two proposals for the Universal Metering portion of this project were received before the closing date (March 13, 2018).  Both of these proposals are currently being evaluated by a five member evaluation team which consists of four RDCK staff and the Project Consultant.  The award of this portion of the project is expected to take place at the April RDCK Board of Directors meeting on April 12, 2018.  Both proponents have similar schedules with meter installations to commence approximately a month after award (mid-May).  We will introduce the successful proponent as well as hold a community meeting in early May. The process of booking appointments to have a meter installed will be communicated through this webpage, mailouts, our water notification service, and the community meeting.

UPDATE - February 26, 2018:

Trainor Mechanical, based in Nelson, has been awarded the watermain and backup power contract.  This work involves the following tasks:

  • Supply and installation of 200mm PVC watermain along Highway 3A and Busk Road
  • Removal and disposal of  existing asbestos concrete pipe
  • Horizontal directional drilling across Highway 3A and Ferry Landing Road
  • Installation of new hydrants, valves and other appurtenances and reconnection of services
  • Supply and Installation of back up power generators for the lake pumps and treatment plant

Trainor Mechanical will commence work as soon as weather conditions allow.  Much of the work required to complete is along Highway 3A and therefore residences should be prepared for additional traffic delays as this work will require single lane alternating traffic.  The Ministry of Transportation has requested that all work along the highway be fully complete before summer traffic.  As such, Trainor Mechanical will complete work along Highway 3A before June 28th.  Residences should also be prepared for periodic water outages as the new waterlines are brought into service.  Some residents along Highway 3A and many along Busk Road will be provided temporary overland water connections as in some locations the old waterline will be removed before the new waterline is installed.  Further notifications to residences effected by these water interruptions/inconveniences will be provided in advance.

The reservoir site preparation tender will be let this week (last week of February). Local contractors are encouraged to submit a bid; watch for this tender on this website as well as BCbid.  This tender will involve:

  • The supply and installation of piping to connect new reservoir to existing water system
  • Site grading, drainage structure and swale construction
  • Demolition of existing reservoir
  • Installation of meter chambers
  • Installation of electrical and communication services for new reservoir and meter chambers

The universal metering Request for Proposal has been issued and closes on March 13th. There have been 2 notices of intent from proponents to submit a proposal. A plan for community outreach for the universal metering project is in place, and includes videos, mailouts, presence on social media, and an open house / meeting. 

The reservoir replacement contract has been let to Western Tank & Lining Ltd. Construction will start in early April 2018.

UPDATE - January 12, 2018:

  • Over 65 site visits have been completed to assist with the universal metering portion of the project. We thank the Balfour residents that have contacted us to book a site visit. Balfour water users can still  book a site visit to assist in determining the requirements of the universal metering portion of this project. Please call (250) 352-8171 to book an appointment.  The site visit takes about 15 minutes and is a great opportunity to talk with a knowledgeable representative about the universal metering project.  
  • The watermain replacement invitation to tender has been issued. The universal metering supply / installation  tendering process will begin in February 2018.
  • Western Tank & Lining Ltd, the contractor for the supply and install of the reservoir replacement, provided the RDCK with options for the colour of the new reservoir. The RDCK chose blue, to represent water and to complement Balfour's brilliant blue skies. The reservoir will be installed in the spring with completion set for May 31, 2018. The reservoir will look similar to this recent installation:


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