Electoral Area K - Paul Peterson

Serving the communities of Applegrove, Edgewood, Fauquier, Burton, Arrow Park, Crescent Bay, Whatshan Lake, Brouse/Glenbank, Box Lake, Needles, Halcyon and Inonoaklin Valley.

A resident of the Kootenays for over thirty years, Paul Peterson was elected Director for Area K - The Arrow Lakes in 2002 and is currently serving his second term. He has served as a Councilor for the Village of New Denver and the appointed municipal Director to the RDCK. Paul also served as a Trustee for twelve years for the Arrow Lakes School District. Recently, Paul has been appointed to the Board of the Columbia Basin Trust to represent the RDCK.

Paul is an avid organic gardener at his home in Burton. His wife Lin has been servicing the area as a hairdresser for over fifteen years and her shop is attached to their Burton home. He has helped raise four sons and two step daughters. Aside from politics, Paul has been negotiating purchase and sell agreements in the real estate business for most of his working career, but claims he really learned to negotiate while helping to raise six teenagers.

Alternate Director: Teresa Weatherhead

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