Recreation Commission 9 - Area A East Shore Kootenay Lake

Commission Information:

The RDCK Board established the East Shore Kootenay Lake Recreation Commission 9 to advise the Board on local recreation and/or park operation needs of the community.

Who Can Apply?

Based upon the specific bylaw the commission can consider applications from eligible non-profit organisations, societies and clubs within Area A and District Regional Facilities, Recreation, Parks and Leisure Service Areas may apply for recreation program funding.

Grant Application:

Supporting Documentation:

Ensure the following (if applicable) is submitted with the application:

  1. A list of Executive Officers
  2. A copy of the organisation’s latest fiscal financial statement
  3. Additional information in support of the application

Eligible non-profit organizations, societies, and clubs serving the Electoral Area A & Local Service Recreation Commission area may apply for recreation program or project funding.

Application Evaluation Criteria:

  • The applicant has demonstrated that there is a significant community recreational, park or trail need for this program/event/project and it fills a gap that is not currently covered or duplicated by other services within their community.
  • The project plays a unique role specific to the community. The project serves and involves the community.
  • The budget has included admission/registration fees.
  • The applicant has leveraged additional resources (i.e., capital project has matching funds for requested amount).
  • Final Reports are up to date and complete.
  • Is this a new applicant (higher score)?  Is this a repeat candidate (lower score)?

There are two grant cycles per year:

  1. Spring – for projects/programs running in Summer and Fall.
  2. Fall – for projects/programs running in Winter and Spring.

Grant Application Submission:

All Grant applicaitons are to be submitted no later than noon, Thursday, April 18, 2019. The Commission will evaluate submissions at the April 29, 2019 CBESS meeting. Applicants are welcome to attend.

Please forward 4 copies of your completed application to:

Recreation Commission 9 - Area A East Shore Kootenay Lake 
Box 208
Crawford Bay, BC V0B 1E0

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