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RDCK Board Approves 2018 Projects Requesting Community Initiatives and Affected Area Program (CIP/AAP) Funding Support and funding payments have been sent out to organizations.

To view the list of organizations with projects that communities have recommended funding and were approved at the May 17th RDCK Board meeting, please click here. If your organization has not received your funding payment please contact us as noted below as soon as possible.

Program inquiries are welcomed and can be forwarded to the Regional District of Central Kooenay, attention Judy Madelung, Grants Coordinator Box 590, 202 Lakeside Drive Nelson BC V1L 5R4    Phone 250-352-8170 or email:


Project Period Dates - Project Year:  May 18/18 to June 30/19

The 2018/2019 CIP/AAP project year is recognized as May 18/18 to June 30/19 and project expenditures utilizing 2018 funding are to incur from May 18/18 onwards. 

NOTE:  Projects can commence prior to the approval date however, 2018 CIP/AAP funding can only be used to satisfy project expenses dated May 18/18 onwards.

Reporting Requirements- CIP/AAP Final Financial Report (fillable) 

All organizaitons in receipt of CIP/AAP funding are required to, voluntarily and without reminders, submit a Project Financial Report by June 30th of the year following receipt of funding using the template provided by the RDCK. Incomplete projects as of June 30 are advised to obtain an authorized extension or authorized change of scope by October 31 in order to remain in good standing.

The Project Financial Report must be completed in its entirety including the GST declaration, financial statement information, project outcome details and accompanied by copies of receipts/invoices that provides details and dates of how the total amount of CIP/AAP funding was utilized.  Reports need to be submitted ‘intact and complete’ as it is the organization’s responsibility to present a complete and compiled report, preferably in a pdf file format and not submitted as individual files or by websites such as Icloud or Onedrive.

An organization with an outstanding or incomplete Project Financial Report as of December 31st will not be eligble for future CIP/AAP funding consideration future until the outstanding or incomplete Project Financial Report is submitted to and approved by the RDCK.

CIP/AAP Final Financial Report (fillable)

The Trust Working Closely with People in the Basin

The Trust supports the ideas and efforts of the people in the Columbia Basin.  They take their lead from residents and communities. Whatever the situation calls for, they adapt their role: from providing resources, to bringing people together, to leading an entire initiative. The Trust is here to offer experience and support to all Basin residents.

The Trust provides an extensive range of services, programs, initiatives (including the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program) and financial investments.  Their purpose is straightforward: they exist and act for the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Basin—now and for generations to come.

The Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs (CIP/AAP) are intended to be flexible and incorporate community-based funding decisions. The programs support local projects that provide additional value to Basin communities, and that benefit the broad community and public good. Program funds are distributed annually to the Trust’s local government partners: the regional districts of East Kootenay, Central Kootenay and Kootenay Boundary, the City of Revelstoke, Town of Golden, Village of Valemount, and to our Indigenous partners: Ɂaq’am, Ɂakisq’nuk, Lower Kootenay (Yaqan nuɁkiy), Tobacco Plains Indian Band (Ɂakink’umŧasnuqŧiɁit) and the Shuswap Indian Band.

CIP/AAP Program Funding is for meeting community and public needs rather than private needs and the Columbia Basin Trust Act requires Trust funding NOT relieve any level of government of its normal obligations.  Program funds are not to be used to fund basic infrastructure activities such as roads, sewers, water systems, fire services and core services normally provided through government taxation.

The Affected Areas Program (AAP) is designed to put funds back into the Basin for those communities most affected by dam construction under the Columbia River Treaty. The AAP funds projects that meet priorities in communities which lie within 10 kilometres of the Duncan Reservoir (portion of Area D) as well as within 10 kilometres of the Arrow Lakes, upstream of the reservoir (portion of Area J), all of Area K, and the Village of Nakusp. Affected Area communities include: portion of Area D (Argenta, Cooper Creek, Howser, Johnsons Landing, Lardeau and Meadow Creek), portion of Area J (Brooklyn, Deer Park, Renata, Shields and Syringa), and Area K (Arrow Park, Burton, Edgewood, Fauquier, Rural Nakusp/Bayview and the Village of Nakusp).

CIP/AAP Projects funded in 2016 - 2017

2017 CIP/AAP - Funded Proposals [PDF - 318 KB]

2016 CIP/AAP - Funded Projects [PDF - 230 KB]


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