RDCK Fire Services Tender Replacement

The RDCK is seeking Quotes for a Contract to build and deliver the four (4) water Apparatus herein described on or before February 1st, 2022 with preference to receive Balfour and Slocan apparatus at an earlier date.

The RDCK is open to reviewing quotes that utilize alternate suppliers, construction methods and/or schedules and fit within the framework of the project scope and intent and meet all codes, acts and regulations.

The Regional District Central Kootenay (RDCK) Fire Service is comprised of 18 fire stations. This request for quote is part of the RDCK strategy for regional asset replacement of fire apparatus.

Bidders intending to submit a Quote should provide an email notification to the RDCK Representative.

A Bidder who does not submit an Intent to Submit email may not be sent any amendments or addenda.

No Bidder who sends an Intent to Submit email is obligated to submit a Quote.

Emailed and faxed Quotes will be accepted.  Any Quote received after the Closing Time, or other than in the manner specified, will be considered disqualified and will be returned, unopened, to the Bidder.

A digital PDF format of the Proposal submission may be sent by e-mail to: korourke@rdck.bc.ca

The RDCK email server has about a 10 mb file size limit.  Bidders are to ensure that they have gotten a confirmation of receipt of email prior to the closing time.  Larger submissions should be broken down into 2 or more emails or arrangements should be made ahead of time for file transfer by FTP.

Bidders wishing to deliver a Quote submission in paper format to the RDCK must submit one (1) bound and one (1) unbound copy of the Quote document in a SEALED envelope clearly labeled “REQUEST FOR QUOTE – Tender Replacement Project – RDCK Fire Service”.

Closing Date and Time: 16:30 (PST), December 20, 2020

All enquiries related to this Quote are to be directed, in writing, to the following person who is hereby designated as the RDCK Representative: 

Kynan O’Rourke
Regional Deputy Fire Chief
Fax: 250-352-9300
Email: korourke@rdck.bc.ca

Information about this Request for Quote or any matter pertaining to the Services that is obtained from any source other than the RDCK Representative is not official and should not be relied upon.  Enquiries that are directed to the RDCK Representative and responses will be recorded and MAY be distributed to all Bidders at the option of the RDCK.

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