Fire Halls Exhaust Extraction System Project

The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is seeking a Contractor to supply and install vehicle exhaust extraction systems at 17 fire halls located within the RDCK with the goal to ensure clean air in the fire hall environment. RDCK fire trucks and accessory vehicles for the most part have diesel engines, which produce a mixture of toxic gases and particulates resulting from the combustion process. Diesel vehicle exhaust emissions are hazardous upon inhalation both immediately in the air and also upon disturbance of turn‐out gear stored within the firehall vehicle bays.

The RDCK is seeking Proposals to supply the Services herein described on or before July 30, 2021.

Proponents intending to submit a Proposal should provide an email notification to the RDCK Representative. A Proponent who does not submit an Intent to Submit email may not be sent any amendments or addenda.

A digital PDF format of the Proposal submission may be sent by e‐mail to:

The RDCK email server has about a 10 mb file size limit. Proponents are to ensure that they have gotten a confirmation of receipt of email prior to the closing time. Larger submissions should be broken down into 2 or more emails or arrangements should be made ahead of time for file transfer by RDCK ShareFile.

Closing Date and Time: 2:00 pm (PST), December 22, 2020

Examination of Site and Local Conditions
A voluntary Site meeting with the Project Manager will be held on Thursday November 19th, 10:00am PST, at Tarrys Fire Hall, 2103 Hwy 3A (example of an installed exhaust extraction system) and continuing at 11:30am PST at Balfour Fire Hall, 308 Beggs Road. Proponents must RSVP to the Project Manager if planning to attend.

All enquiries related to this Proposal are to be directed, in writing, to the following person who is hereby designated as the RDCK Representative:

Shari Imada
Project Manager
Fax: 250‐352‐9300

Enquiries must be received by the Project Manager prior to 4:30pm PST November 19, 2020 or after 8:00am PST December 3rd 2020.

Enquiries between November 20th 2020 and December 2nd 2020 can be directed, in writing, to the following person who is hereby designated as the alternate RDCK Representative:

Kynan O’Rourke
Regional Deputy Fire Chief
Fax: 250‐352‐9300

No enquires will be allowed after 4:30pm PST December 16th 2020.

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