Protecting your home from wildfire starts with simple actions. Whether you are doing regular yard maintenance or making large scale changes during renovations or landscaping, you can make choices that will help protect your home from wildfire.

The RDCK provides resources, information and support for residents who wish to make their propetry and their community more resilient to damage from wildfire. We live in an area that is prone to danger from wildfire, in the Kootenays that is a fact of life. You can TAKE ACTION to reduce your risk form wildfire, and become FireSmart. 

FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program

FireSmart homes and neighbourhoods allow fire fighters to concentrate on fighting the wildfire, which ultimately saves more homes and lives. Communities whose residents take steps to reduce their vulnerability have a greater chance of surviving a wildfire without the intervention of the fire department.

The Program draws on a community’s spirit and its willingness to take responsibility for reducing wildfire risks.

 When neighbours get together to FireSmart the whole community, they can reduce the risks for everyone.

The FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program helps neighbours to organize and reduce the risk of wildfire damage for their whole community.  The Local FireSmart Representative administers the program, supports and assists the communities in reducing wildfire risks.

 More information can be found on the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program webpage or contact the Wildfire Mitigation Supervisor Nora Hannon (250) 352-8177

FireSmart Assessments

Have an expert FireSmart assessment of your property. The recommendations of the FireSmart assessment will help reduce the risk of wildfire near your home and nearby neighbourhood and provide a better opportunity to defend your home from a wildfire.   

A FireSmart Evaluator will come and complete a walkthrough of your property, identifying potential hazards, fuel sources and other things that could put your home at risk in the event of a wildfire. During the assessment, they will discuss wildfire behavior dynamics and the ways a wildfire could affect your home.

In a written report, they will identify achievable short and long term changes that could be made to help mitigate the risk of wildfire near your home, and provide other information that can be used to help make your home FireSmart, including landscaping guides and information on setting up home sprinkler systems. Often, these are simple, inexpensive changes that can be implemented quite easily.  

This service is being offered through the RDCK free of charge to residents in all electoral areas of the RDCK.
Learn more about making your home FireSmart at FireSmart Canada

FireSmart Resources

FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual


Wildfires are a natural part of Canada's wildland ecosystem. Without wildfire, the landscape loses its diversity. Wildfires recycle nutrients, help plants reproduce and create a mosaic of vegetation that provides habitat for a variety of wildlife.

By extending our lifestyles and communities further into forested areas, we become more exposed to the danger of wildfire. Living where wildfires can occur puts your home at risk, but it is possible to live safely with this natural event. The recommendations in this manual will reduce the risk of wildfire to your home and neighbourhood and help firefighters to defend your home.

FireSmart Homeowner’s Self Assessment


Assess your risk from wildfire using the FireSmart Homeowner's Assessment.

Becoming a FireSmart Community


This 8 page brochure outlines the steps to becoming a Recognized FireSmart Community. Share with your community and become a Recognized FireSmart Community this year.

FireSmart Guide to Landscaping


By making some strategic choices in your yard your can create a FireSmart landscape. The manual includes an extensive list of fire resistant plants and tips about FireSmart gardening.

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